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The working principle of industrial CCD camera

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Industrial camera is widely used in the field of industrial production, CCD industrial camera is a very important component. So what is the working principle of the industrial CCD camera? CCD industrial camera CCD is short for charge-coupled device, it can turn the light into electrical charges and the charge storage and transfer, also can remove the storage charge voltage will vary, with its composition of the CCD camera has a small volume, light weight, is not affected by magnetic field, has the characteristic of resistance to vibration and impact is widely used. Industrial CCD camera work principle of the CCD camera use charge-coupled device as its sensitive components. Its principle is: the chip neatly lined with many small photosensitive element, the light of the photon hits, after each unit in the unit can produce electronics ( The photoelectric effect) The number of, the number of photons and electrons is proportional to each other. Image after lens capacitor array imaging in surface, according to its brightness is formed on each capacitor unit intensity on the strength of the charge. A fax machine or scan instrument with linear CCD to capture every time a thin strip of light and shadow, and planar CCD is used in the digital camera or camera to capture a whole image at a time, or to capture a square area. Once exposure, control circuit will make the charge on the capacitor unit adjacent to the next unit, got to the edge of the last unit, electrical signal to the amplifier, into a potential. So Zhou Zhu after beginning, until the whole image into potential, sampling and digital deposited in the memory. Store image can be transmitted to the printer, storage, or display.
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