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Thickness measurement sensors, mobile phone glass thickness measurement scheme

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Now we have more kinds of mobile phones, manufacturers need to function better variety and quality in order to get more market share, and to the production of precision demand is higher and higher, which is mainly used in mobile phone touch screen mobile phone glass panel, the precision of the mobile phone glass is very high, usually the production process need to complete the measurement, measuring instrument and small mobile phone glass artifact, measure the mass, the traditional optical measurement will have dead Angle measurement, cannot guarantee the accuracy and detection efficiency, how to realize automatic detection and high precision measurement? Spectrum displacement sensor has the non-contact optical confocal measurement technology, multilayer material algorithm, high resolution, and with the optical axis of return signals not obscured features, such as high accuracy, can be integrated in non-standard automation equipment, realize the high precision automatic mobile phone glass thickness measurement, improve the efficiency of manufacturer's testing, to ensure product quality, expanding the size of the market. More about glass size measurement automatic measuring glass flatness measuring scheme can inquire online customer service.
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