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Use light bar what matters needing attention

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Strip light source is currently on the market to replace the lamp lights and neon signs of new products, because of its easy installation, can apply to any closer to the surface, and light effect is good, is also a widely used and trusted products. It adopts LED intelligent light work, environmentally friendly energy-saving, and can be through internal processing and appear coloured lighting effects, suitable for a lot of places of entertainment and commercial stores, large stage, help to show perfect visual effect. Today by this small make up to introduce this product in the use of the note: wide strip light source of light, but also its appearance has certain length, therefore when installing the light tools to measured the width of the installation place beforehand, in order to make sure the bar light enough. It is important to note that the length of leave can not only just accord with the length of the light source, to ensure that both ends of a light source has a certain space to install. Because as a lighting tool, it will produce heat and set aside space is easy to light source heat, in order to prevent the heat accumulation and exploded. The installation of the strip light form appropriate to the magnitude or size need to close space. Because bar with wider range of illuminating light source, if it is used for smaller landscape lighting, it should be installed in a high place, otherwise it will make human body and light too close to the distance, feeling too strong light can cause harm to the eyes, make the vision loss, even cause due to long-term direct illuminate human skin 'tan'. Strip light source in the work will accumulate quantity of heat, so not to touch the lamp body. If you need changing parts, also have to close the switch after air buy can directly get in touch with for a period of time. Apart from the above introduction to several, on the use of light bar there are many places need to be aware of, it shall, in the free time to learn more about the life little common sense, to the daily electricity with the use of more comfortable, also can avoid some unexpected damage, hope that the above described small knowledge can help to you.
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