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Using a coaxial light source should be familiar with a few essentials

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
High quality coaxial light use of LED light source, and through the diffuse illuminant diverge distributed to half reflecting a semipermeable spectroscopic films. Spectral slice is a reliable intermediary material, one aspect can be light reflection to the object, on the other hand can be light on the surface of the object through the spectral slices into the camera. The following is the use of coaxial light some essentials of sell like hot cakes. 1. See light emitting area when using coaxial light detection, according to the observation object and target size selection coaxial light emitting area. Assure coaxial light universal coverage target surface, improve the comprehensive and the accuracy of observation, in general, coaxial light emitting area is the most comparable to the size of the object 1. 5 - 2 times, because the design concept of the coaxial light source is through the leds through a semipermeable half launch mirror reflection, inevitably produces in the process of reflection light loss, therefore, should try to choose a larger coaxial light source area to avoid uneven light around or inadequate. 2. Installation height coaxial light source during the installation process do not from the test items or goal is too high, as far as possible the same as the first illustrated, if too high, cause in the process of light loss is big, need to choose the coaxial light, to ensure the irradiation uniformity of the object, of course, and not being too close to the object, otherwise it may lead to smooth surface for light emitting surface light-leaking not diffuse light evenly. 3. According to target edge auxiliary light coaxial light due to the effect of process need half transparent and half reflecting glass, so when the coaxial light between the object and the lens effect, may cause the observed target edge become empty, not sharp enough. In use process to the target edge requirements could be selected according to the need of high auxiliary light source such as strip light. The above mentioned is the use of coaxial source analysis of the several main point. According to the characteristics of the coaxial source, only flat surfaces can better and fully will reflect light for the camera. Uneven light will be reflected on the surface of the object to the other places causing uneven present darkness, against the surface of the object with observations.
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