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Video microscope application in semiconductor quality testing

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Can be applied to the semiconductor integrated circuit, consumer electronics, communication system, etc. No matter from the point of view of science and technology and economic development, the importance of semiconductor is very large. Semiconductor manufacturing processes including the wafer processing process, wafer probe our processes and packaging test, etc. , which involves surface quality inspection, light instrument testing, etc. Surface quality inspection can be used to look video microscope, video microscope using automatic zoom system, image without trailing, true color product. Can realize dynamic view, direct observation physical objects on the computer, people watch at the same time, greatly improving the work efficiency. High performance more can realize 3 d video microscope observation, 360 - degree panoramic image observation, avoid the error of the human eye observation. Producer is video microscope, independent research and development of product sales, video microscope were varied, if necessary, can get detailed solutions consulting and technical personnel.
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