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Video microscope in the application of the component assembly

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Video microscope has the advantage of convenient operation and can be observed at the same time, many people, also can photograph analysis, therefore more and more people are using video microscope. Video microscope will see the real image through d/a conversion, make its image with a microscope or a computer screen. Imaging stereo sense is strong, clear, wide and has a long working distance, is the microscope of applicable scope is very broad. Video microscope in industrial detection in common used in semiconductor processing and microelectronics parts assembly. With the promotion of modern technology, the development trend of various components, motors, so difficult to carry on the processing to the human eye detection alone, very small component of small tools for manufacturing industry, a video microscope can be a valuable tool, not only check for finishing. No matter the size of the component, a worker can easily put things together, to produce a work as a whole. Can be applied to the field, the traditional microscope video microscopes are capable of, and even better in some ways, confirmed the video microscopy imaging technology is an effective observation of microscopic field imaging technology.
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