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Video microscope magnification should be how to calculate?

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
Microscope can be divided into the kinds of metallographic microscope, electron microscope, tool microscope, video microscope, etc. One video microscope is primarily through the screen to see, unlike conventional optical microscope with a binocular vision, today is to introduce the method for calculating the actual magnification of video microscope. First of all should know the CCD target surface or COMS size: commonly used CCD or COMS, two-thirds, 1 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 'the five dimensions. Conventional video microscope is using a third item to add a CCD or CMOS implementation, if have bought the traditional two objective body, biological or metallographic microscope, and should be how to do? This requires neither eliminated the original purchase of products, and to save costs in order to realize digital, can directly using a computer screen observation products at the same time, also better protect our eyes, it will be done by some transformation. We should know, is closely related to the magnification or COMS is CCD target surface size, it will be directly related to the size of the digital microscope magnification. Generally is CCD target surface size or COMS diagonal dimension, we have one common CCD or COMS, two-thirds, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 inch, actual size is as follows: 1 inch - Target surface size of 12. 7 mm x 9. 6 mm, diagonal 16 mm long; 2/3 inch - Target surface size for wide. 8 x 6 mm. 6 mm, diagonal line 11 mm long; 1/2 inch - Target surface size of 6 wide. 4 mm x 4. 8 mm, diagonal line 8 mm long; A third of an inch - Target surface size of width 4. 8 mm x 3 high. 6 mm, diagonal line 6 mm long; 1/4 inch - Target surface size of 3. 2 x 2 mm. 4 mm, diagonal length 4 mm. Now we know the target surface size of the CCD or CMOS, also it is easy to know how much is the digital microscope magnification concrete has. We usually according to the formula to calculate the digital magnification, the specific formula is as follows: the magnification of the objective x ( Computer screen diagonal/CCD or cmos target surface size) = total magnification. The above is the video video microscope magnification method, hope can help you make better use of it.
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