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Video microscopy tutorial

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Video microscope in the application of modern industry, more and more, the principle of it is to observe the physical image by digital to analog conversion, make its screen image with a microscope. Advantage is without using the eyepiece, simple operation, can people watch at the same time, also can take a picture analysis, reduce the detection error, therefore more and more people are using video microscope. The use of video microscope steps: 1, the first video microscope several big parts ready, the gimbal assembly, first stents should pay attention to the lens and the camera here below, support the monitor supports are on the above, so convenient for observation. 2, put the camera on the gimbal, installation into a circle, just fixed lens, lens is relatively weak, so must be careful when installation, and then to install the camera in the top of the lens, where there is a interface with diameter is ok, this step is very important, must carefully. 3, bracket and lens installed later secured the monitors and then, after fixed well, put on some links a line can be just the way they are. After the completion of the 4, if the previous steps if the light is darker, can put the light source is installed in the above video microscope, so you can have enough light to observe products. Video microscope imaging stereo sense is strong, clear, broad, and has a long working distance, apply more extensive, can satisfy the modern biology, medicine, chemical industry, microelectronics, semiconductor and other fields of test requirements, are widely used in biological engineering, scientific research, test and measurement, quality control and other fields.
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