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What application advantages coaxial light source have?

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Coaxial light source is a kind of configuration is setup by internal reflection glass vertical according to make the light in the total reflection object can be after total reflection into the detection light source device, equipped with coaxial light source detection system can effectively simulate the natural light of diffuse and hard light reflection. Compared with the traditional light source device for coaxial light generally has the following advantages: one, the image. High quality coaxial light source is equipped with a filter and diffuse reflection glass can effectively reduce the light loss in the process of reflection, so using coaxial light source for machine vision detection can be effectively receives the light objects presented by the visual image and the conditions of the surface of the object and bump are able to clearly visible. Second, the astigmatism. Coaxial light relative to the average machine vision detection light source is another important advantage is that it is in use process greatly reduces the astigmatism phenomenon. Coaxial light source is specialized in the design process of the sell like hot cakes is equipped with professional optical plastic film, and once a direction in the process of using the illuminate of the astigmatism is can be used to avoid and cut through the plastic film. Three, double. Coaxial light in use process for traditional light ghosting and blind area of the phenomenon can be effectively avoided. This is due to the design of the coaxial source using a combination of high density the whole column and lighting principle can better under the same light intensity distribution uniformity and override, so coaxial light source in certain situations can also be used to in the process of mirror finishing detecting the existence of the scratches and severity. Coaxial light source in lighting effect compared with traditional lighting light source, astigmatism phenomenon and the phenomenon of ghosting has significant application in such aspects as advantage. Choose a high quality coaxial light source can not only provide customers with suitable for all kinds of equipment and a variety of lighting use light source model, at the same time when the customer for pre-sale consultation and after-sale maintenance can provide good quality service.
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