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What are the advantages machine vision lighting?

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
On the production line, more and more manufacturers begin to use machine vision light source to measure of product. Machine vision lighting is a professional system, can automatically identify objects, the size of the area and so on characteristics. It possesses the advantages of what that is so popular in the product testing? Please look at this article outline for you. First of all, machine vision light source is the most obvious and highlight the advantages of simple operation, short. Typically, artificial will exist a certain measurement error, but machine vision lighting will not have this problem. It is in use, channel and digital display brightness values, adopt touch switch adjustment, easy to operate. And provide a steady voltage source, the shutter is higher than 1/1000, in the industrial use can eliminate fatigue by man, the difference between personal measurement error and the error caused by. Second, the first-class machine vision lighting system has extremely fast running speed and image processing speed, can accurately detect the size of the target product, presence of defects, and so on. This is why many production of producers is more and more keen. Moreover, machine vision light source measurement optional panel or remote control, each channel independently controllable brightness, belong to the non-contact measurement, the observer and the observer will not cause any damage, is very reliable security. Also, machine vision light source has a wide range of spectral response, not visible to human eyes to produce light spectrum scope, used in the detection of more special. Professional machine vision light even equipped with digital modulation level 256 software can precisely control the load of the light source brightness, and seamless connection with general illuminant, over load protection function automatically. In addition, the machine vision light when no trigger light normally on, external trigger is flexible, high and low flat optional, adapt to different external sensors, can stably for a long time, measurement, analysis and recognition is very reliable. Above the machine vision in which the advantages of popular. As industry, agriculture, national defense, transportation, health care, finance, sports, entertainment industry, the development of machine vision light source to obtain the widespread application and recognition, and it can benefit to our life, the advantages of every aspect of production and work.
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