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What are the advantages of machine vision system?

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Machine vision system is to use modern advanced control technology, computer technology and sensor technology, show the optical combination. Machine vision is to use machines to replace human eyes do measurement and judgment. So, what are the specific machine vision system advantages? 1. Working process, and the scientific rigorous machine vision work process is: first of all let parts to test position, and photoelectric sensor or sense to sense objects, trigger should implement work in visual communication. Lighting then parts of image and the digital data, then use the visual software processing image and display the product is unqualified, the discrete output, according to bad product pictures and statistics. 2. High social benefits mainly include: the benefits of machine vision to the society to save time; Reduce the production cost; Improve productivity and product quality; Reduce the labor intensity test and inspection personnel; A reduction in the number of unqualified products; Improve the utilization efficiency of machine and so on. 3. Around the advantage strong automation technology is gradually replace artificial machines, the history of history. The human brain, limbs, sensory and nerve can be respectively corresponding to the CPU, motion control, sensors, and networks. However, in many cases the more human visual cannot meet the requirements. Relative to human vision and machine vision with high speed, high precision, super, macro, objectively, without fatigue, environmental restrictions, etc. 4. Wide use of advanced machine vision is often used for measuring, testing, Such as inspection, incomplete, statistics, flaw detection) , location, identification ( Such as reading code, color identification) And so on.
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