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What are the characteristics of coaxial light source products

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Coaxial light source is the use of diffuse reflection are plate was carried out on the LED light reflection, the light perpendicular to the observation of the surface of the object, and with the observation lens form parallel light observation, the current popular coaxial light source in many industrial and manufacturing products of observation and inspection should have in the application. High quality coaxial light source can be observed clearly shows that the surface and the relevant details. The following is a summary of some characteristics of the coaxial light source products. 1. High brightness LED lighting arrangement of coaxial light source adopts high density, form the whole square. According to understand, LED lamps and lanterns has small volume, high brightness of superior function, is the ideal light source is used more widely and choose. 2. Good heat dissipation coaxial light source adopts unique cooling structure, can effectively control the temperature rise caused by LE light fever, control the attenuation velocity of light source light, can ensure long-term work coaxial light source, the stability of product performance, effectively extending the service life of the light source. 3. Brightness coaxial light source products adopt advanced coating spectroscope, process can reduce the loss of light in the light, to ensure uniform image clarity and brightness. 4. Eliminate ghosting coaxial light source products with special coating, can inhibit the reflective mirror to eliminate image ghosting, eliminate the fuzzy image and ghosting, avoid adverse effects on the objects observed. 5. Self-cleaning protection setup coaxial light source products at the top of the opening set in optical glass, isolation and protection to avoid the dust falls to the camera, to influence the accuracy of the observations and results. The above mentioned is coaxial with some characteristics of the light source products. Coaxial light source products are widely used in metal surface, thin film surface, some luster surface scars, such as glass and scratch test, as well as the printed circuit network line, IC tentacles, silicon and other fine components of surface scratch observation detection, etc. It is commonly used in precision industry and advanced manufacturing machine vision lighting products, in the future will be more widely the application scope of.
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