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What are the characteristics of machine vision lighting?

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
If you want to get the best detection accuracy, you should use the best machine vision light source. This is because a good visual the brightness of the light source in both contrast and light have more excellent performance, so that they can better to display characteristics of the object to be tested. Therefore, we must understand what features, first-class machine vision lighting have so as to better selection and use. 1, the color of the spectrum width of light source and detected color on the surface of the object to determine the wavelength spectrum size to the camera, and the white light or some more specific spectrum at the time of extraction, the feature information of the other colors needs to have larger spectrum can be extracted accurately. And machine vision light source spectrum is very wide, can fully meet the various light extract the features of goods demand spectrum. 2, the efficiency is much higher when providing lighting light source will produce a considerable amount of heat, so the energy consumption is big, can't will be efficient use of energy leading to larger waste, such as tungsten lamp. But machine vision light source has a very high light efficiency, because does not produce high temperature in the process of lighting, so relative to the consumption of energy, it can emit more light energy. 3 light source, long life due to machine vision usually need long time continuous use, so in order to be able to fully meet the rigid demand, visual light source usually use LED lights, this is in the process of using leds does not produce heat and prolong the service life of. And compared with ordinary lamp, LED lights will not with the aging of the light source to reduce the energy released, will not affect its spectral characteristics. Above these aspects is the top of machine vision is the main characteristics of the light source. Through introduction to these characteristics, we will be on the machine vision light source has a deeper understanding, and in the actual process better able to use visual light source, make its can more fully exerting the advantage and function, good test for the product quality and production.
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