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What are the characteristics of spherical integral light source

What are the characteristics of spherical integral light source


The spherical integral light source looks like a cavity sphere from the appearance. The inner wall is coated with white diffuse reflection material, also known as photometric ball, optical pass ball, etc. In the test object surface can ensure the full range of light source irradiation, for the surface fluctuation and reflective strong objects also have a strong applicability.The good quality integrated spherical light source is uniformly coated with diffuse reflection layer on the inner wall of the spherical shell.What are the characteristics of the spherical integral light source?

1. Uniform image:

When evaluate the lighting in the artifacts, if you use a ball light source can through its good integral effect and make the light source is fully reach the spherical inner surface, and to ensure that the image illumination uniformity and repeated exposure with LED light source, and by the superimposition and the effect of the reflected light can be highly ensure uniform illumination of the image.

2. Stable detection:

Because the ball integral light source is widely used in the surface detection, many instruments can be used in the detection.This is because the ball integral light source can adopt continuous stepping type, and the output luminosity level can be adjusted very slightly, so as to ensure the detection stability of various instruments and the illumination uniformity of the whole ball integral light source.

3. Extensive testing:

Integral light source because the ball is suitable for all kinds of curved surface, spherical surface is uneven and arc and so on the characteristics of the surface of the test, as well as for such as glass or metal objects with strong reflective surface detection. So not only can correct imaging system in the laboratory as well as a variety of micro devices, remote sensing can also in remote sensing detection, or on a digital camera and film uniformity of minor adjustments.

4. Multiple types of light sources:

The ball integral light source with first-class service is in line with the principle of fully meeting the requirements of various calibration light sources of customers. It not only provides a wide variety of light sources for selection and customization, but also adjusts the light source according to the needs of customers.The typical types of these light sources are halogen xenon lamp and mercury lamp spherical integral light source.

These four parts described above are the characteristics of spherical integral light source.Because this light source is mainly applied to the detection of various workpieces or test products, it must have the characteristics of uniform image and stable detection, and only a wider detection range and characteristics can ensure that it can be better applied to various detection instruments.