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What are the important parameters selection of the industrial camera?

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
1, how to choose the industrial camera chip? Industrial camera points from the chip, which has two kinds of CCD and CMOS, if the requirements of the object is in motion, to deal with the object of real-time motion object, then of course choose the CCD camera is the most appropriate chip. 2, industrial camera select colour or black and white? If we are to deal with is related to the image color, that is, of course, the color camera, black and white camera, otherwise recommended because of the same resolution of black and white camera, accuracy higher than color, especially when looking at the image edge, black and white effect is better. Especially to do image processing, black and white industrial camera got the gray information, can be directly. 3, industrial camera frame rate how to choice? According to the detection speed, select the camera frame rate must be greater than or equal to the detection speed, time is equal to the thing you can do is to deal with the image must be fast, must be in the camera's exposure and transmission time. 4, choose linear array camera or array camera? If for high detection accuracy, speed quickly, the resolution of the array camera and frame rate can not meet the requirements, under the condition of linear array camera, of course, is the inevitable choice. 5, how to choose the industrial camera transmission interface? According to the transmission distance, and the size of the transmission of data, choose USB3. 0, 1394 interface, cameralink interface, Gige gigabit network interface of the camera. USB3. Data transfer rate can reach 5 GBBPS 0; The transmission speed of the interface for 400-1394 800Mbps; GigE is a camera interface standards based on thousands of Ethernet communication protocol development, its characteristic is fast data transfer rate, and can reach as far as the transmission distance of 100 metres. The price of 6, industrial camera? Same parameters of camera, different factories manufacturing process, the cost is different, so the sales price of each are not identical, it's depends on everybody and manufacturer communication consultation, in general, if you have the quantity, the overall price list with you buy a price difference is very big. Shanghai optical technology co. , LTD, a professional production and sales of accessories, all kinds of machine vision professional trustworthy, if you have any doubt on the selection, please consult our customer service personnel, to provide you with technical guidance, thank you!
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