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What are the lighting machine vision lighting? All have what use?

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
In order to be able to more accurately in the machine vision detection system to capture the object characteristics, improve the visibility of the object and the background have many product manufacturers in machine vision light source. Machine vision lighting can increase the accuracy of product processing and precision. This article will do some commonly used machine vision is introduced in the form of light and the lighting use. One, the Angle is the Angle of the first-class machine vision lighting lighting has a concentrated beam irradiation, high brightness, good uniformity, the characteristics of the area is relatively small, often used for correction of LCD products, check the plastic containers, workpiece positioning screw hole, check the work such as integrated circuit printing, choose 30, 45, 60, 75 more angles such as the ring of light source. Second, vertical illumination in vertical machine vision lighting has the large exposure area, illumination uniformity good characteristics, often choose zero Angle ring light, strip light source and light source, use of large-area lighting located in basement and circuit boards, chip components inspection work plays an important role. Three commonly used low Angle illumination, low Angle of 90 degrees ring light inspection on glass substrate scar, the reason is that the professional machine vision light source to the surface concave and convex expressive. Four light source of backlight, backlight machine vision due to the shiny surface is a diffuse surface, good uniformity, often used in the detection of mirror material and the miniature electronic components. Five, the coaxial light if you would be tested is the PCB board and semiconductor, then can use machine vision light coaxial light illumination, the light has the characteristics of coaxial parallel, because of the properties, coaxial light also can be used to the surface of the metal parts, the appearance of small components, size for testing. Above is the commonly used machine vision lighting lighting way and use. In addition, the user can also according to need to use these lighting, this article is no longer here. Believe that this article can from the machine vision lighting lighting system to provide some ideas for the reader, to consider in the process of their products production or quality inspection, whether using machine vision what kind of lighting light source, using machine vision lighting, in order to obtain a better quality of products.
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