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What are the parameters of the industrial camera?

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Industrial camera is an important component in the machine vision system, the quality of the lens directly affects the overall performance of the visual system, so choose the right camera industry, is also an important link of the visual system design. This needs our understanding of the industrial camera parameters do enough. 1 industrial camera parameters. Working distance: lens measured the distance of the object to the bottom. 2. Vision: the lens can see the biggest range, also is the lens can be covered by the effective working area. 3. Depth: the depth of field and field of vision are similar, the difference is the depth of field refers to the range of depth, vision refers to the horizontal range. 4. Focal length: the center of the lens to the rubber in the plane formed by the clear picture of the distance. 5. Perspective of perspective: as the name suggests is the line of sight, is also more than the lens can see 6 'wide'. Aperture: use F to the lens focal length and the ratio of clear aperture D F to measure. The smaller the F value, the larger the aperture. The smaller the F value, the greater the aperture. 7. Interface: a camera and the lens way of link, usually with C, CS, F, V, T2, Leica, M75x0. 75, etc. 8. Resolution: the higher the resolution, and clear lens. 9. Numerical aperture: numerical aperture is directly decided to resolution, the greater the numerical aperture, the higher the resolution, or vice versa. Have all kinds of industrial camera to choose from, details can click on the industrial lens to understand
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