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What are the typical features of parallel coaxial light source

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Parallel coaxial light source is bigger than traditional lighting source, at the same time, it USES a special design, can avoid reflection refraction of the object, after parallel coaxial machine equipment installation, can improve the accuracy of visual capture, reduce false positives, at the same time, can increase the repeatability, so, what are the typical features of parallel light source channel? First led to rehearse density Gao Pingxing coaxial light source of high density, dense array can increase the light source can be regulatory, make the light source of the light source can be arbitrary increase control, at the same time, can improve the brightness of coaxial plane light source. Second wave point parallel coaxial heat light source adopts the heat wave point and its heat dissipation structure is unique, the exhaust heat per unit area is big, fast heat removal, without intermediate link of heat dissipation, can direct external heat release, to some extent this can increase the use of parallel coaxial light time, improve the stability of light source. Third light loss few other light loss rate reached 30%, refracted light loss rate is about 5%, and the parallel coaxial light plane light loss rate is only 10%, refraction loss control within 1%, rarely light loss can guarantee the stability of the work. Fourth, clear parallel coaxial light imaging ultra clear, moreover, using different angles and different cooperation between led triode, can make the image more stereo, imaging clearly this feature for the future development of parallel coaxial light source has an important influence. Above is the characteristic of parallel coaxial light source, it is because of the above characteristics, it is widely used in areas such as film detection, at the same time, modern bar code identification and parallel coaxial light source, it can concentrate light scanning and scanning point positioning, uniform brightness will not damage to the human eye, to long-term contact with parallel coaxial light people couldn't hurt.
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