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What are the video microscope strengths?

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Video microscope can be used in where? What thing can detect observation? Video microscope amplification effect is used to observe to observe things, is commonly used in machinery, electronics, instrumentation, hardware, plastic and other industries, can detect many things, such as to the mold, screw, metal, accessories, rubber, PCB, spring, hardware, electronics, plastics and so on carries on the appearance detection, defect detection, surface roughness detection, etc. Video microscope is combined with the advantages of optical microscope, optical microscope has no advantages, can be said to be the upgrade version of the optical microscope, so, what are the advantages of video microscope, video microscope, for example, to introduce in detail the advantages of using video microscope: 1. Liberation of the eyes, reduce labor, make employees more easily finish the inspection work; 2. Adopts automatic zoom system, video microscope images without trailing phenomenon, true color product, using a wide range; 3. Need not connected to the PC host, can be connected directly to the LCD display, watch the video images; 4. 2 million high-definition CMOS color image sensor, the video image is clear, smooth; 5. Support manual adjust brightness, red gain control and blue gain control: a key automatic white balance; 6. Can people watch the measurement results, images can be a comparative study, case. First the graph is observation products, second picture here video microscopy shows that the larger images, convenient products inspection video microscope is a kind of by high resolution CCD color camera device, continuous variable x object lens, color display, video reticle generator, precision optical ruler, multi-function data processor, 2 d measuring software data with high precision worktable structure composed of high precision photoelectric measurement instrumentation. Video microscope will implement the dynamic view, can be directly observed object images on a computer. Thereby, achieve the change of machine vision and the qualitative to the quantitative examination examination, greatly improve the efficiency of our work, overcome the uncertainty of human detection.
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