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What are to explore the application of strip light field

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
Strip light source is made of high brightness high density LED particles in electricity board closely arrange an array of rule, usually choose relatively solid alloy material of the shell and to ensure that prolong the service life of lamps and lanterns, over the use of internal several cooling groove to ensure the stability of the illumination light. So, what about the strip lighting applications where? When professional designers in the design and production of light bar as far as possible to make it perfect, whether it is worth designers spend great effort to study, to improve? Because the bar light source has high brightness, excellent light stability, light uniform characteristics, at the same time it also has the service life is long, the size can be arbitrary cutting, any installation convenience, therefore its use area is broad, but mainly in the following areas: 1, look for items outside of the surface of the inspection and goods packaging, packaging inspection. Usually, strip light source will be used to check whether goods appearance damage, dirt, goods packaging are in good condition, and even more detailed check packaging external ink degree, integrity of the word, so that delicate products won the favour of consumers in goods shelves. 2, goods used in the detection of a single, outbound bills, financial application notes or testing as a commodity bar code labels. Now paper, bar code is applied to every aspect of our lives, for example, when shopping, goods tag exists in the form of a bar code, the supermarket goods out of the single notes. Therefore, for single, outbound ticket goods, financial application notes as well as the bar code labels testing is especially important. Strip light source can be careful check the paper surface integrity of the characters and definition of the bar code. 3 for big size metal surface, crack of metal detection. Strip light can detect faults in large size LCD panel, it is the ideal light source to detect the scratches on the surface of the product, damage, etc. Here we mainly explore the main application field for strip light source, in addition, the bar light source can also be used for the detection of various connectors and connector wiring surface accuracy of mouth, detection of cling film damage degree, and so on. Characteristics of the strip light source determines the application range of the strip light not only limited to this, so the researchers for the continuous improvement of the strip light, professional design improvements, meaning is quite big.
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