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What is a camera DMA technology?

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Different industrial camera provides different programming interface ( SDK) , although different interface programming interface between camera each are not identical, they actually API are similar in structure and programming model, to know these again for industrial camera programming is very simple. The DMA DMA technology is a kind of high speed data transfer operations, allowing direct reading and writing data between the external devices and memory, neither by the CPU, also do not need the CPU intervention. The data transfer operation under the control of a called a DMA controller. In addition to the CPU data transmission at the end of the beginning and do a bit of processing, CPU can do other work during transmission. So, most of the time, the CPU and input and output are in parallel operation. As a result, the efficiency of the whole computer system is greatly increased. For industrial camera, when the CMOS or CCD chip camera exposure and then transfer the data to the cache, then the DMA will be responsible for the cache data saved to the specified location on my hard drive, just meet the high speed camera big data transmission. Generally use DMA to complete real-time data acquisition and preservation. Most of the time, the DMA controller exists all kinds of interface of image acquisition card, including 1394 / GigE/USB/Camera Link, such as the acquisition card has its own control unit to complete and Camera exposure time synchronization, and control the DMA access behavior.
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