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What is a sweep line light source? What's special about it

by:Fugen      2020-10-15
We to know that with the improvement of technical means of science and technology, many have not appeared in the daily life of new equipment and technology has become a modern people survival and the development of the power, and in the field of modern high technology and new technology of high production spent too, but as a kind of high accuracy, high efficiency of detection technology, sweep line light source has been widely applied in all kinds of product testing and production. To highlight line light source exactly? Use it for our daily life and industrial production line and what advantage characteristics? First, sweep line light source is a kind of LED light source for high density circuit board special arrangement and form of artificial light, this kind of light source is a member of backlight, will continue through the illuminate of highlighting, high-density surface cleanliness of related products, such as damage scanning and detection; In addition, it has been widely applied in the drying process in the process of printing, as well as the camera flash exposure, processing, and other fields. And its main has the following characteristics: first, high brightness. We have mentioned the professional line sweep light source products with higher density of point light source array brightness can integrate more dense, irradiation is wider, the actual flux higher sweep line light source, through this characteristic in the process of using show can ensure sustainable and comprehensive coverage. Second, the homogeneous degree is high. Sweep line light source through the precision and arrange orderly point light source, to ensure that every link of luminous flux and practical uniformity of the beam size, avoid the dry, camera flash, printing products, such as surface detection using the undetection problem caused by uneven light beam. Third, the environmental protection sex is strong. Popular frontal line sweep light source and related products, with its design and manufacturing advantages, the offline most mainstream LED point light source integration, and this kind of light source compared with the traditional lighting, the luminous flux, often leading to more than 50 times, and the corresponding energy cost is only for 1/10 of the traditional light source, and the beam is not radioactive. Introduction to sweep through the above the line light source can to a certain extent, for you to solve the actual production and life demand choice problem, which have these features is the practical application in science and technology production equipment, make contribution to the strength of science and technology for modern industrial production, and its lower manufacturing costs and make it favors to many business operators.
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