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What is shadowless light source, and what is a shadow light source?

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
What is the shadowless light source? Shadowless light source, there are various other kinds, as long as it is out of the light is diffused disorderly, shooting objects without shadow can be called the shadowless light source. Machine vision LED light source in the more common have dome shadowless light ( Also called integral light source) , plane shadowless light source, annular shadowless light sources, shadowless light source in all directions. Shadowless light sources are used for a reflective surface inspection, OCR character recognition, rugged existence part inspection, product inspection, the examination of visual field illumination uniformity to demand higher, etc. Dome shadowless light source: figure 1 dome shadowless light figure 2 plane shadowless light with shadow light source is what? Shadow light source, because the radiation directivity is strong, so has rugged artifacts in irradiation, can make the goal of high projection to low target shadow is formed on the surface, so this kind of light source can be classified as a shade illuminant. A shadow light source is the biggest characteristic of light source, usually from one direction only illuminate, not like shadowless light source, can from all over the artifacts of the irradiation. Generally speaking, the ring can be light, strip light, point light, light, coaxial ( Parallel) Light, side light such as LED light source is classified as a light source.
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