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What is the industrial camera lens

by:Fugen      2020-10-16
Wide Angle lens is also called the short shots. One of the auxiliary lens photography. The lens focal length significantly less than like a diameter ( Negative diagonal length) , which is about 6 ~ 35 mm; Angle is greater than the standard lens, which is about more than 53 ° to 220 °. Relative diameter generally small. Wide Angle lens fast direct optical lens in the 1860 s, namely after after all sorts of evolution, in the photographic lens is an important category. Modern wide Angle lens group are symmetric structure and backward focus light type structure in two forms, symmetric wide Angle lens and can be divided into positive lens and negative lens two subtypes. Wide-angle lens with short focal length, Angle of the advantages of large, at a close range shot wide range of scenery, the outlook is outstanding, the depth of field area significantly greater than the standard lens, telephoto lens, image depth. Suitable for indoor close shot, and the shooting mountains and rivers, buildings, people, etc. Old wide-angle lens image edge illumination drop of defective, new wide Angle lens most like mean field intensity of illumination. When using wide Angle lens close-up, prospects are exaggerated, can produce serious perspective distortion. With wide Angle lens. To highlight the central subject and prospects at the same time, can have a wide range of backgrounds. Can be in a small environment, get more scenery, taken in the same distance, the picture are smaller than the standard lens. When there is a close scenery, will produce deformation of perspective, still can make sense of distance between before and after the scene. Because of its long depth of field, it's easy to make clear to both the nearby and distant scenery, generally considered the focal length of 24 mm, 28 mm lens for ordinary wide-angle lens, when photography with them as with flash lighting, pay attention to the flash of light Angle than the Angle of the camera. Otherwise there will be a dark corners of the photo, then application flash astigmatism, but effective flash light efficiency will be reduced. Wide Angle lens basic performance is wide perspective, can cover a wide range of scenery. Camera the wide Angle lens camera viewing Angle above 120 degrees, the basic environment are in the range of vision.
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