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What light source colours do spherical integral light sources have?

What light source colours do spherical integral light sources have?


Ball integral light source is widely used in life. It is a kind of non-shadow light source with high uniform diffuse reflection. It has the characteristics of large irradiation area and good non-shadow effect. The ball integral light source with first-class service is often used for the detection of reflective surfaces of uneven objects such as medicines, food and paper products.When choosing the color of light source, the most common ones are white, blue, red, green, infrared and ultraviolet. There are many colors that can be allocated for ball integral light source. The effect of each color is completely different.

1. White light source:

The white light source in the ball integral light source is the most widely used and common light source in life. The inner surface of the ball has a diffuse reflective white coating layer, which is often used to detect objects and shoot color images.

2. Blue light source:

Blue ball integral light source is suitable for all kinds of silver background products, generally used for testing workshop, printing factory, sheet metal, turning workpiece and thin film metal printed material surface uneven workpiece is more.

3. Red light source:

The red spherical integral light source has the characteristics of long wavelength and can easily penetrate the dark object. In the detection, the red light source is used to package and detect the object with strong surface reflection.

4. Green light source:

The wavelength of green integrated spherical light source is between red and blue light source, and it has a better detection effect on products with red and blue background.The sunshine that sunshine divides 7 colors to see at ordinary times is white, and red green light mixes just for white, chromatic TV and mobile phone observe carefully can see red and green dot, it is this principle.

5. Infrared light source:

The wavelength of infrared integrating light source is also very long, such light source belongs to invisible light, super penetrating force can improve the contrast of workpieces with the same shape and different colors, which is widely used in the detection screen and video monitoring.

6. Ultraviolet light source:

Uv light source can achieve the desired effect of visual processing of the corresponding light source, which is convenient to install and compact in the process of wave peak welding.The wavelength of ultraviolet light source is not only long, but also has penetrating power. It is often used to detect surface scratches, imprints, damages and edges. It also plays a certain role in the detection of coating adhesive in the automobile industry.

The structure of integrated light source is generally a hollow spherical shell and some accessories, which can be observed and detected at a higher level.Good quality ball integral light source is suitable for the surface detection of objects with strong surface reflectance. If you want to highlight a certain color in the detection of ball integral light source, as long as the corresponding complementary color is selected as the light source color, the image contrast can be significantly improved.