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What's the difference between a coaxial strip light source products and light source products?

by:Fugen      2020-10-14
LED lamps and lanterns has small volume, small energy consumption, high brightness, long life, strong and durable, and other characteristics, high quality coaxial light and bar light products based on the basic properties of LED lights, after a certain processing technology, to be able to use in some metal, glass and other smooth surface or concave and convex surface illumination treatment and observation. The following is a popular coaxial light source products and comparison of the strip light. Lighting principle of coaxial light products will be LED square light through the tilted 45 degrees of semi-permeable half a glass of reflection. Through the square light irradiation light through a semipermeable half the glass can be light by total reflection vertical to the object, and vertical reflections by the radiation of light through a semipermeable half the glass, into the camera. The setting principle of simpler and strip light source products. Through the LED lights to align the high-density bar planar circuit boards, and through the design of the device, to adjust the Angle of the bar light source, ensure that the light can be observed in any Angle projection in surface, through the Angle of the light image transformation to get different angles. 2. Use occasions because reflective in the process of product can eliminate exposure light source products and can avoid the camera in the image of reflection, so widely used in the metal of high reflectivity, observed on the surface of the glass. Coaxial light source in the mirror surface treatment industry play a role of especially big. And strip light source, because of the large flexibility can be observed from different angles and collecting image and get a full range of image information. Therefore can be used in the test object's normal loading grain. Such as the words on the packing box, plastic wrap can be detected damage, the damage to the conveyor belt, etc. Mentioned above is coaxial strip light source products and light source products in lighting principle and using occasions. Can be found that the coaxial light source products more detect high reflective surfaces, and strip light source products can be adjusted by irradiation Angle for uneven surface texture, damaged, or observation of written records, and so on and so forth. For some objects of observation still can choose coaxial light and bar light at the same time.
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