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White LED Light Attenuation And Analysis of Material

by:Fugen      2020-06-17
Come involving the LED panel light, fluorescent body in conjunction with blue LED, you can easy access to white-light LED, this on the of the industry's most mature white package. Currently white-light LED lighting, home lighting is a realism. LED controller but more white light attenuation their course, unsuitable for lighting market, for the lighting needs of the high-end market, increase exactly what and development on white, by altering the evolved packaging materials and technology to match the low attenuation of white light products, slightly modest for that LED landscape lighting industry. Below is our experience the actual planet packaging process is summed up in five points, industry colleagues and you exchange with a view to improve the building blocks of white light LED package service. Impact, chip white LED light failure From currently experimental of results view, chip light failure of effect is split into two large class: first is chip of material different ended in attenuation different, currently common of Blu-ray chip lined end material for SIC and Sapphire, sic general structure design for single electrode, its thermal conductivity effect comparison good, Sapphire General design for double electrode, heat more difficult export, thermal conductivity effect poor; second is chip of size size, in chip material phase while, size size different attenuation gap also different. Second, crystalline solid adhesive effect of white light LED strip lights 12v fades In white light LED package regularly used in the industry sector of crystalline solid rubber insulated rubber, silicone insulated by epoxy resin and silver naff. All three get their advantages and disadvantages, selection to be considered. Epoxy resin insulated rubber thermal conductivity sexual difference, but brightness high; silicon resin insulated rubber thermal conductivity effect than epoxy resin slightly good, brightness high, but due to silicon components accounted for must ratio, solid chip Shi near to residues of Silicon resin and fluorescence rubber by epoxy resin phase combination Shi will produced across layer phenomenon, after hot and cold impact Hou will produced split triggered died lamp; silver rubber of thermal conductivity sexual than Qian both are good, can extended LED chip of life, but silver rubber light of absorption comparison large, led to brightness more affordable. For a two-electrode when Blu-ray silver adhesive for wafer in crystalline solid, adhesive weight control is very strict, or prone to short circuit, direct influence on the yield of necessary. Three associated with white light LED light fades, fluorescent powder There are some ways of achieving white LED light, currently commonly used on Blu-ray chip is recognized to have the most mature via a layer of yellow phosphor, blue and yellow mixed into white light, phosphor material attenuation of white LED light can have a big trauma. Most mainstream is YAG YAG phosphor fluorescent powder, fluorescent silicate powder, nitride phosphor, accelerated aging of Phosphors are in contrast to the blue LED chip white LED light, LED light controllers and the various manufacturers of Phosphor decay is different degree of influence, this close relationship with the phosphor raw material components. Lehman photoelectric material for choice of the best white light of fluorescent powder, in order for the white light LED when compared with peers in attenuation control has been greatly more effective. Four, effect of fluorescent white light LED light glue failure Traditional packaged white light LED, fluorescent plastic generally use epoxy or silicone, after failure of experimental results, using silicone blending of white light LED long life than epoxy resin. Causes one is with above two species method package into finished LED, silicone than epoxy resin anti-UV ability strong and silicone thermal effect than epoxy resin good; however in same conditions Xia, with silicone distribution powder of initial brightness to than epoxy resin distribution powder of to low, LED controller most main is a consequence of silicone of refraction rate (1.3-1.4) than epoxy resin (1.5 above) low, so initial light effect than epoxy resin high. Five, the support effect of white light LED light fades LED stand mainly copper and iron stand. Thermal conductivity, good conductivity copper prices higher. Relatively poor thermal conductivity and conductive properties of iron supports, apt to rust, but cheap. LED most belonging to the iron stand on the arena. Support of different materials have different influence the performance of LED, especially on its failure has been particularly outstanding. This is mainly due into the better thermal conductivity than copper and iron, the thermal conductivity of copper 398W (m.k) and thermal conductivity of iron 50W (m.k) about one-eighth only to the former, there is support of plating layer thickness additionally closely correlated. In selecting stand, also keep in mind that bracket the Bowl size and light-emitting chips as well as die-size matching, which matches the quality of, directly affect the optical effects of white-light LED, otherwise easily lead to asymmetry of beam shape, yellow circle, and Rana nigromaculata, direct impact upon the quality of items. As the application of white LED lighting, customer demand carries on improve, need to innovate, enhance performance our products to improve our process, as far as easy to meet customer needs. Help make high-performance white LED light product, LED controller materials selection and match extremely direct impact on white LED light attenuation and quality, therefore, good material with the best match, coupled with no unique manufacturing process of coordination is vital technology of white located. We must give full play to the advantages, in order to intensify research and development, develop products better suitable for customer requirements, to contribute to National Semiconductor Lighting business sector.
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