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Why industrial camera cost high, the price is expensive?

by:Fugen      2020-10-16
Industrial camera lens has its unique optical properties, high resolution, wide depth of field, low distortion, and the unique design of parallel light, bring qualitative leap to precision machine vision detection. In the industrial camera lens ( 远心镜头) Advantages compared with the ordinary lens, there is a industrial camera lens disadvantages: high cost, large size, heavy weight. World famous lens manufacturer has the United States Navitar, schneider, Germany, Italy Opto Engineering, Japan Kowa, such as China photoelectric have its own brand of industrial camera products. Industrial camera is mainly used in precision measurement. In precision optical measurement system, the ordinary optical lens, there are certain factors such as the error caused by deformation of the image, the choice of perspective, not suitable under the light interference caused by boundary problem such as uncertainty, will affect the accuracy of measurement. The industrial camera lens ( Telecentric lens) Can effectively reduce or even eliminate the above problems, so the Telecentric lens has become the decisive components precision optical measurement system, its application field is becoming more and more widely. Industrial camera lens should have unique optical design, production technology is complex, and not like a normal lens, which can be mass production, it is because of limited output, fixed costs cannot be Shared by a large number of products, the total cost is high.
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