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With good zoom lens 10 tips

by:Fugen      2020-10-13
Zoom lens is within a certain range can transform the focal length of view Angle, so as to get a different size, the image of different size and different scenery range of camera lens. Zoom lens without changing under the condition of shooting range, can be changed by the focal length to change the shooting range, so very benefits as its composition. American photographer Norman rothschild after years of use zoom lens of practice has accumulated a lot of valuable experience, summed up into the following 10 for photography enthusiasts reference. With long focal length when using the zoom lens focus, what would be the right way to focus with long focal length focus first, then choose the right focal length taken; Because in the long focal length, the maximum and minimum depth of your subject image, which is convenient for accurate focusing. When in backlighting or light complex situation, also helps to choose the appropriate local photometry, without having to approach your subject for metering. When shooting at ordinary times, often with a zoom lens focal length or long focal length is given priority to, with the longest focal length focus and metering, lock exposure and then choose the focal length of the ideal, so don't have to move back and forth. For each focal length to try more most photography fans are very concerned about the zoom ratio of zoom lens, but when used in the concrete is often a head with long focal length at most, some even its as a lens set JiaoYuan perturbation. In fact, when you try to use other focal length for different images, a zoom lens can be discovered as a variable view tool, has a considerable potential. Familiar with the operation of the zoom lens early zoom, zoom and focus is on regulating respectively. Now most of the zoom lens has been changed to monocyclic control, its characteristic is through the push and pull to change before and after the lens focal length, spinning around to focus. Therefore, to just buy a new lens photography lovers, be familiar with and keep in mind the zoom around before and after the direction and focus position, avoid after precise focus for zoom micro slightly turn the adjusting ring and influence of clarity. This is a lot more 'conservative' photographers prefer to use the old double ring type zoom lens. Adhesion when using the proper use of the focal length is 200 mm or longer focal length of the zoom lens, should put the camera on the tripod and other support, to ensure the stability of filming. Choose the appropriate hood zoom lens more easily than other types of lens flare, therefore, an appropriate hood is little not. Sometimes hood of shade on the viewscreen of single-lens reflex camera look not to come out, but displayed on film. This kind of situation when using small aperture was most obvious, often make the range hood also fall into the depth of field. In addition, some hood is effective in the long focal length but zoom to short focal length end when using, will make the photos look not to come out on the viewing screen of the vignette phenomenon caused by blocked. , zoom lens for choosing appropriate hood and reasonable use, is essential. From use of mirror is under the condition of the need to use very long focal length, spend a little money to buy a 2 multiplication is apart from the mirror, can free to your 70 - 210 mm lens into a 140 - immediately 420 mm telephoto zoom lens, a 3 multiply more can achieve 210 - away from the mirror - - - - - - 630 mm, make your lens immediately the ranks of the astronomical telescope. However, the cost will be loss aperture series and taken photos of clarity. For example, a zoom lens plus 2 F4 after multiplication is apart from the lens, aperture will loss level 2 and F8. Plus 3 after the multiplication is apart from the mirror, the maximum aperture becomes F11. As you know, the optimal solution of the lens like force should be to choose a smaller than the maximum aperture to receive 2 level aperture to shoot. When from use of mirror is, therefore, we must consider to choose high-speed film and tripod, at the same time, your subject with stationary advisable. Careful with filter unless really need, generally don't add filter to zoom lens. On the beach, or salt water environment, really need a protector. In order to change the color temperature, making special effects, in order to deepen the sky color and eliminate reflections, for example, to add a polariscope. In addition, plus some dispensable filter, will only add to have a headache problem inside the light reflection. Depth control the picture with a zoom lens in your subject 1. 5 metres 60 mm focal length, and away from your subject 7. 5 meters with a 300 mm focal length, the picture is the size of your subject in the image, the difference is two different photo image depth. The photographs taken with 60 mm focal length, the background have depth and space feeling; And the focal length of 300 mm, the sense that gives a person is scenery is compressed, your subject and scene seems to be 'close'. Keep distance to prevent deformation in the use of the wide end of the zoom lens, attention should be paid to keep proper distance with your subject, so as not to cause deformation of your subject. Must remember, when shooting distance are the main factors influencing the perspective effect, rather than the focal length. Control the depth of field of the trick can do an experiment, using the same aperture, at the same distance with 25 mm and 50 mm respectively the focal length of the two pictures taken, 25 mm focal length will be used to enlarge the photos taken, make your subject in the images with a piece of the same size of 50 mm. After comparing the background of the two photographs, enlarged the background in the photo is not like the first photo in the hazy, actually got more useful depth of field. This method is applied to fixed focus of wide-angle lens equally effective. More questions about the zoom lens, can click on the online customer service, a detailed understanding.
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